- The first step is to make the custumer feel confortable and to understand his needs.
- Room mapping at domicile is the fundamental step to secure the correctness and the efficiency of all the following operations.
- Drawings and a free of charge quotation will be performed in order to advance a look at the rooms and at all ewpenses required to get the job done.
- After the proposal has been aproved the works can get started.
- Parting of the rooms, plumbing, cabling, stoneworks, lamps, carpets; tailored projets allow to optimase any recess.
- Thanks to a longest collaboration with expert kraftmen it is possible to offer the custumers a turn key service.
- Mounting will be exclusively assigned to selected, ewpert and scrupulous personnel.
- After sale assistance will be provided on demand in order to face any unforeseen necessities.

Colavetta Mario Arredamenti
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