Reliable and dynamic Colavetta Arredamenti has been operating since 1989 , producing excellence in the areas of public and private furniture design .
The combination of experience , passion and creativity enable Colavetta Arredamenti to satisfy any demand through innovative and tailor-made solutions.

Unique and made-to-measure creations are designed and crafted by a team of professional designers and skilled carpenters. Colavetta Arredamenti offers a key-in-hand deployment, pre and after-sale services, accuracy and focus on detail in every step from planning to finish product . Great care is taken in the choice of each single element, from the quality of materials to accessories, from light-design to textiles, from stonework to bath furniture, everything must guarantee comfort and efficiency.

Set in a remarkable location on the Isle of Grado, Colavetta Arredamenti. research focuses on innovative, multi-functional products in harmony with the philosophy of space. Flexible and ergonomic environment are designed to improve our daily living.

Furniture design, enrich and complete the offering with high quality products in line with new trends.

The relationship and trust of both clients and suppliers earned within the past 20 years, represent to Colavetta Arredamenti its main assets , as well as its constant drive to improvement . Thanks

Colavetta Mario Arredamenti
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